Welcome to CFO Career Planning Tools!

If you are a financial professional who wants to discover, plan, and take action to live up to your highest career potential, then this site is designed just for you.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are all in the process of building our careers. Just as a construction crew follows a plan and utilizes appropriate tools for building a house, we can build fulfilling and meaningful careers by reflecting deeply on our purpose and taking focused steps to put our plans into action.

If we are not careful we can allow our circumstances, environment, another person, or other factors outside of our control to dictate our plans. Our thinking can become clouded, our focus scattered, and our motivation dampened, as we encounter short-term obstacles and lose sight of our biggest dreams and aspirations.

Instead, I encourage you to exercise your own powerful, innate decision-making capabilities to decide exactly what they want for yourself. And then solidify your decision — make it real — by taking action. This site will help you do just that.

Your mindset is everything. Either you will focus on excuses and make-believe reasons why you can’t achieve something of significance, or you will ditch the negativity and open up your mind to the possibilities right in front of you.

My goal is to equip you to deliberately take ownership of your career rather than letting a boss, a parent, a significant other, a circumstance, a fear, a past failure, or anything else set artificial limits and dictate the path for you.

Your levels of responsibility and influence will grow as you give yourself permission to dream big, transform your vision into actionable goals, decide to reject apathy and distraction, and focus your attitudes and concentration on winning.

Let’s start on the journey together toward the Chief Financial Officer role. What could be more fun than discovery and progress on the path of growth and giving back to others?