Enhance Your Success With Written Goals, Public Commitment, and Accountability

Taking proactive ownership of one’s career development requires formulating SMART goals. Moreover, as you set goals it is important to be clear on your vision, values, priorities, and worldview. In future installments I plan to explore these and other items related to strategic planning.

For now, here are three tips for enhancing your success at achieving your goals:

  1. Write down your goals. Writing is an exercise that requires you to discipline your mind to formulate and clarify the specifics of your goals. Rather than muddling along with a vague idea of what you generally hope to accomplish at some point or another in the future, having written goals will sharpen your focus on what you want to accomplish, your time-frame for achievement, and the sacrifices you’re wiling to make to create success.
  2. Articulate your action commitment to a trusted friend. Don’t keep your goals to yourself. Use this to put pressure on yourself and gain leverage over your own tendencies to procrastinate or back down from your goals when challenges arise.
  3. Be accountable to your trusted friend by providing periodic progress reports. Attack your goals head-on, and let your trusted friend know about your challenges and successes.

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