Give a Sincere “Thanks” to Those Who Help You

Many of us spend our working days solving problems, analyzing details, and (if we find some spare moments) thinking of ways to improve our businesses. Frequent complaints and negatives — from vendors, customers, coworkers, and others — can create a drag, zapping energy and productivity.

Look for opportunities to freshen and energize the environment by expressing gratitude.

Treating people like people, rather than like machines or animals, can work wonders for your relationships in various walks of life. If your coworker, your employee, or your boss helps you, say “thanks” — preferably within earshot of others within the organization. This is a sincere way to show that you value others’ contributions to your success and the success of the organization.

When someone helps me solve a problem — even if they helped create the problem or even if they’re “just doing their job” — I make a point to thank them. They often appreciate the gesture. And they are often willing to help more in the future.

Gratitude is a good attribute to include in your personal brand.